Watch Out For Ricardo P. Lloyd

The entertainment industry is a large one, constantly renewing itself with new names, faces, and talent. It is spread throughout the world, with talented actors starting their careers on stage, TV, or luckily on the big screen. Every year, someone dazzles the audience with what they can do, proving this business will never die down. Among them is a British actor with talent and passion. Watch out for Ricardo P. Lloyd.


Born in England, Lloyd began his acting career as a professional theater actor in 2015 when he surprised the audience with his farmer role in Animal Farm. From that moment on, he understood he belonged in front of an audience or a camera, and nothing else would make him as happy as performing. Stages around England have seen him perform in shows such as Fragile Things, The Shakespeare Walks, Shakespeare Within The Abbey, Excluded, and Lyric Evolution 2020.


However, the stage was not the only venue calling Lloyd’s name. He wanted to go bigger, reach larger audiences, and share his talent. That is why he chose to participate in several short films, documentaries, and TV shows. You may have seen him in University Life, Cussin, Arts Hole, Call it a Problem, Conspiracies, and Sunday Morning Live.


As much as he loves the work he has done in his home country and how well-received he has been, Lloyd wants to expand and begin working in the US. “I want to leave a legacy that outlives me, and feel it is my mission to inspire, empower and transform as many lives as I can through my performances,” says the up-and-coming actor, “to show those that think it’s not possible that it is, if only you believe. Sometimes as an actor of colour, you can be stereotyped in the roles you are given in the UK, but I tend to see less of this in the US, which is why I would like to make a name for myself there, too.”

Having a break in an industry as large and competitive as the entertainment industry can be extremely difficult but not impossible. This British actor has proven if you have talent, passion, and a lifelong dream, you will find the way to make a name for yourself, reach your goals, and succeed in the business you have always wanted to be a part of. The UK has seen him, now the US better watch out for Ricardo P. Lloyd.

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