Web 3.0 is Here, and IAmFuture is Ready to Help You Innovate

Web 3.0

The next iteration of the internet is here, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Web 3.0 — the third generation of the internet — may have arrived, but it’s still going through a constant period of transition and change, meaning we still can’t say exactly what it does or will look like.  

As TechTarget writes: “Web 3.0 is still evolving and being defined, and as such, there isn’t a canonical, universally accepted definition.” What we do know, however, are the principles that Web 3.0 functions under decentralization and connectivity ⁠— an online world in which the user can retain control over their data through blockchain technologies.

Building a New Online World

Maya Bernaia, a Ukraine-born tech entrepreneur, is one of the innovators at the forefront of the next internet frontier. She is the founder of IAmFuture, a strategic consultancy that offers creative solutions for traditional business landscapes and within the metaverse.  

“IamFuture is the emerging dynamic digital holding established by an international team of females,” Bernaia says. It has recently developed independent entrepreneurial initiatives in the Ethereum sphere and launched the Web 3.0 industry’s multipurpose feature. “We introduced and developed new digital strategies on transparency, community, and trust-building principles,” Bernaia adds. They also aim to develop a plan with a unique, universal solution to help encourage and guarantee trust in a space that can often feel fraught with risk. The IamFairplay platform, developed by IamFuture, aims to help clients with their optimization strategies while managing this risk.

Opportunity, Insight, Solutions

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse are still very new to many people, so knowing how to evaluate opportunities, measure risk, and innovate within this world can be challenging. It’s also difficult to judge where the boundaries of Web 3.0 currently begin and end and how far the creative solutions can go. But IAmFuture offers everything from NFT and Metaverse strategy, creative solutions, digital marketing, strategy, and development. 

“We serve traditional and metaverse real estate,” Bernaia says. “This ranges from negotiations to transactions, support, and facilitation.” They achieve this through an “immersive communication model” and a unique 3D experience of a live, play model in the Metaverse, along with “shape the future” services.

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If you’re still struggling to grasp exactly what all this might look like, IAmFuture has created its own Metaverse world in a space that all of us are familiar with: roller skating. Metarollers is a virtual skating world in the Metaverse, set to launch on September 30, 2022, as an offshoot of IAmFuture.  

As a tribute to the worldwide roller skating community, Metarollers is a skill and creativity-based mobile game where players can skate through real cities around the world, dodging obstacles, doing tricks, collecting artifacts, and maybe even meet a celebrity or two in the global skating scene. Rather than operate like the traditional “play-to-earn” structure, Metarollers will use “perform-2-earn”, where users can transfer in-game rewards to assets boasting real-world value. Based on previews on the website, expect iconic New York City landmarks and NFT artifacts like an NYC hotdog. 

They’ve also created a collection of in-game NFTs. “The IamFuture team proudly created the set of 6,000 NFTs of our rollerskating girls,” Bernaia says. “The collection is devoted to women’s diversity, joy, equal rights, and creativity worldwide. NFTs provide a way to influence governance in our ecosystem.”

The Future

“My story is never finished because the best parts always remain unveiled in the future,” Maya Bernaia said in a recent interview. This is the same principle that IAmFuture operates by.  

No one can say for certain just yet what Web 3.0 or various worlds within the Metaverse will look like, but as a company, they aim to be as on-pulse as possible. That way, when the pioneers in this tech space come to them with ideas, they can be the first to help make it a reality. 

Find out more about IamFuture and Metarollers.

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