Where Are The Wanna One Members Now?

Yoon Jisung

Jisung enlisted in the military on May 14, 2019, and was discharged in December 2020. He recently made a solo comeback with a new mini album called Temperature of Love. He’s also been confirmed to have a supporting role on the upcoming drama Boys Planet (2023). Jisung has also become an advocate for mental health, discussing his struggles with depression in an effort to help others.

Ha Sungwoon

Sungwoon has released four mini albums since Wanna One disbanded. Also, he released an OST for True Beauty called Fall in You. His last solo comeback was for the mini album Mirage in 2020. You can check out the music video for the single FOCUS below.

Hwang Minhyun

Following Wanna One’s disbandment, Minhyun returned to his group NU’EST. They have releases three mini albums and a Japanese single since. Most recently, the boys put out their second-ever full album which includes a Minhyun solo. NU’EST won an album bonsang at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards and the Artist of the Year bonsang at the 2019 The Fact Music Awards. You can stream the music video for their latest single, Inside Out, below.

Ong Seongwu

Seongwu has been very busy working as an actor since Wanna One parted ways. In 2019, he won multiple awards for his acting including the Best New Actor award at the 12th Korean Drama Awards. He was the star of the 2020 drama More Than Friends and is confirmed to be playing a main role in the upcoming drama Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon. Last year, he also put out a mini album entitled Layers.

Kim Jaehwan

Since Wanna One’s disbandment, Jaehwan has released multiple OSTs and three mini albums. His most recent release is the album Change with the single I Wouldn’t Look for You. You’ll find the video for the song below. Also, Jaehwan also won APAN Choice: Best Vocalist Award.

Kang Daniel

After Wanna One disbanded, Kang Daniel started his own record company KONNECT Entertainment, and he currently serves as its CEO. Under his label, he has released three mini albums. The most recent is Yellow, and the video for the single, Antidote, appears below. Daniel has won dozens of awards for his solo music, including Best Male Solo – Korea and Global and Best Performance at the 2020 APAN Music Awards and the Male Solo Singer Award at the 2021 Korea First Brand Awards. He has also become the face of many brands, including Mexicana Chicken, Icepray and Mernel.

Like Jisung, Daniel has spoken out publicly about his struggles with anxiety disorder and depression. Earlier this year, he released the song Paranoia, which explores the theme of mental health.

Park Jihoon

Jihoon has kept busy since Wanna One, working as both as a solo artist and an actor. His most recent release was his first full-length album, Message. He has also put out three mini albums. As an actor, Jihoon has played the main role in a number of dramas, including Blue Spring From a Distance, Love Revolution and Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. In 2020, he won the APAN Music Entertainer Award (Man). You can check out the music video for GOTCHA, the single from his last album, below.

Park Woojin

Woojin debuted with the boy group AB6IX in 2019 and went on to win the Soribada Best K-Music Rookie of the Year Award and the Seoul Music Awards Best New Artist Award that year. The group has put out four mini albums and one studio album so far. Woojin has also collaborated with Soyou and Lee Eunsang musically and recorded a solo song for an AB6IX album entitled Color Eye.

Bae Jinyoung

On July 23, 2019, Jinyoung debuted with the boy group CIX. He is a vocalist and the center. The group has released four mini albums since their debut. The most recent was Hello’ Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream.

Lee Daehwi

Daehwi is also a member of Woojin’s group AB6IX. He served as the MC for M Countdown from 2019 to 2020. As an actor, he had a guest role on the drama Let Me Off the Earth and played a main role in the drama Monchouchou Globalhouse. You can find a video for his solo song Rose, Scent, Kiss below.

Lai Kuanlin

In 2019, Kuanlin released a mini album called 9901 with Wooseok of Pentagon(source: https://www.kpoplove.net/wooseok-pentagon/). He also starred in the drama A Little Thing Called First Love that year. 2020 found Kuanlin caught up in a legal battle with his label Cube Entertainment, where he argued to have his contract terminated. The court sided with Cube, and Kuanlin remains under the label. Since then, his focus has been on acting.  You can find the music video for his debut duo song, I’m a Star, below.

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