Why this ‘Cuffing Season’ will Break Historical Records

As singles resurface from the pandemic vaccinated and alone, they have had enough me-time and are seeking solace and a long-term partnership more than ever before. “Cuffing season” begins after Labor Day, which, according to CNBC, means the period when singles begin looking for partnerships and find themselves ‘cuffed’ by a serious relationship to pass the colder months of the year, explaining the sudden crazy surge in online dating sign-ups from September to November. 

The cuffing season is arriving early this year and will be the biggest in history as Americans emerge from the pandemic after COVID lockdowns and subsequent vaccinations eager to reconnect with friends, family, and online strangers, craving human interaction and the search for Prince or Princess Charming. After a year and a half of solitude and soul-searching, perhaps deeper relationships will form and stick for the long-haul, according to 25+ year professional dating coach who has worked with over 33,000 clients, Andrea McGinty of 33000dates.com, a site that helps you find your long-term match based on your online dating profile and preferences/choice of sites. Just like a total beauty makeover (and just as important), Andrea shares top tips for cleaning up your profile to boldly enter the sizzling dating marketplace during cuffing season:

  1. If you are online already, refresh your photos and profile. Look at the boxes you checked – are these still valid in what you are looking for?  
  1. If you are on one dating app, you may think of adding another. Most singles explore 2-3 apps at the same time once they get serious about dating.                                        
  2. If you are NOT online and are pondering “should I do online dating?” The answer is YES. It has the biggest pool of singles in the world – it’s fun, nerve racking, and an adventure before the holidays. 
  1. Don’t send Hearts/Likes without a message. You just totally wimped out and put the ball in your potential date’s courts. Men’s #1 complaint: Why don’t women message first if they heart you? Let’s go ladies! We have the right to vote, we have the right to message first. The men like it!
  1. Don’t invite a first date for coffee. COFFEE is NOT romantic. It’s a copout. Just where you want to be overheard on a first date – a crowded Starbucks. Drinks are over in an hour and much more relaxed.
  1. You’re not auditioning for marriage. You are auditioning for a second date. That’s it!
  1. Have a guide/cheerleader/consultant at your side to help ensure more success! I don’t mean your brother who met his girlfriend on Bumble, your mom, your BFF, or your kids. A dating pro can do wonders! Watch this quickie Video: https://youtu.be/-8blfm5wuz4 
  1. Photos matter the most. We live in a visual society – selfies and old family photos won’t help! Most of us won’t ask strangers or friends to take photos of us. Advice: The Thumbtack app is designed for you! Much more cost effective than hiring a professional photographer, especially in major markets. Post at least 6 because one photo is suspicious!
  2. Your primary photo online must be a showstopper, while still being you. Whiten your teeth. Good dental care counts. Check out Andrea’s photo guidelines by contacting me at CEO@do-tellpr.com (Kat)
Cuffing Season

Dating consultant Andrea says, “I saw an immediate explosion on my website 33000Dates.com over Labor Day weekend, which signifies that ‘Cuffing’ is beginning a month earlier than normal. Considering that 1 out of 3 couples in 2020 met online, I direct my clients to the platform best suited for them based on likes, age, interests, geo area, and more. There has been an increase in people looking for long-term relationships. When the lockdowns ended, people went to see their families and travel. But now, singles are focusing on themselves. Doing the market research on which sites have the type of singles YOU are looking for, plus knowing the strength of certain platforms and the breakdowns of male versus females is important, with over 1,400 dating apps/sites out there.”

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More about Andrea McGinty:

As a dating coach and divorcee, Andrea helps singles navigate the online dating scene and crafts winning dating profiles, building confidence with expert advice along the way with her coaching services. Before online dating, Andrea McGinty was the original founder of the matchmaking service It’s Just Lunch in 1991, where she played a part in over 4,200 marriages and 33,000 dates and sold the $80 million company with 110 locations worldwide. 33000Dates.com began when the Internet dating scene exploded and Andrea’s clients and loved ones had no idea how to work the system in a positive way. Andrea specializes in dating after divorce or death, dating in your 30’s-60’s, dating during COVID, virtual dating, when and how to meet in person, dating tips, as well as do’s and don’ts.

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