Why Today’s Society Tends to Rewatch TV Shows

In this time and age, there is a long list of TV shows premiering every season, adding seasons to their history, or coming back to our screens. You will hear people commenting on their favorite moments, tweeting their favorite quotes, and sharing snippets on their Instagram stories. But although the titles continue to grow as more stories become available, people go back to their comfort shows more than once. Then, we find ourselves wondering why today’s society tends to rewatch TV shows.


The science behind it


If you take a look around at your social groups, you will come to realize you have found yourselves on more than one occasion discussing TV shows. Talking about your favorite characters. Avoiding spoilers when you fall a couple of episodes behind. Recommending new shows to those who have no idea what to watch next. But as you do this, you begin to see a pattern. Most of your friends find themselves rewatching shows they have seen many times before. Do you ever wonder why? Yes, there is a reason for that.


According to Symptoms of Living, we tend to go back to the same TV shows over and over again for five reasons. Energy consumption. Commitment. Control. Nostalgia. The mere exposure effect. What do they mean?



No matter what your reason might be, rewatching a TV show certainly brings you a sense of comfort.


The reality of it


I type these words as I paused an episode of my Ted Lasso rewatch between my Law & Order: Special Victims Unit rewatch. To that, you can add my Schitt’s Creek rewatch from the end of last year. I find myself always coming back to the shows that brought me comfort, the characters who feel like family, and the towns that feel like home. In times of need or sadness, they are always there to make it better.


Since I was a little girl, I found refuge in several shows that helped me feel happier. Shows that I watched with my mom and my brothers. Shows that I began watching during a rough patch and made me feel like I could get through it. Shows that were written to show us there always is a chance at a happy ending. I believe that is why we watch them over and over again. To believe that whatever happens, we can always be as happy as our favorite characters get to be in their world.

There are different studies and reasons why today’s society tends to rewatch TV shows, and more than one may apply to you. The truth is those shows were created to make them our own and find joy in them. So, what better way to do that than by coming back to their minutes on screen?

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