Why You Should Get Veger Wireless Power Bank in 2022?


The 21st century is the era of technology. We see innovation in almost every fields and gadgets are not excluded from that. Today so many gadgets come with wireless charging features. You can use it to charge your Smartphone, in fact the power banks can also be charge using wireless technology. There are so many advantages of wireless charging including performance and convenience. That’s why it makes sense to utilize this technology into the power banks too.

Things To Consider While Buying Wireless Power Banks

Being a buyer, you should be clear about your requirement. In fact, you should be aware of what features are needed in your product you are going to purchase? Below are the things you should consider while buying your wireless power bank.

Power Capacity: It is one of the major point you should not miss while ordering your device. You need to make sure that power bank has enough capacity to charge your Smartphone and other devices.  Ideally, it should have double the capacity that of your Smartphone.

Portability: Nobody likes to carry bulky and large device, especially when you travel a lot. Your power bank must be compact, lightweight and easy to carry.

Charging Rate: This is another must-check point for all the buyers out there. Make sure that your power bank charges quickly. It should fast charging facility, and even multiple device charging support too.

Safety Features: Consider the fact, your power bank is electronic device, it should be safe to work. You should purchase the device with overheating protection, excess current protection and shock-proof too.

Cost: Last but not least factor is the cost of your gadget. There is no point in buying a power bank that simply break your budget. It should be affordable and easy to order too.

Things To Know About MagOn Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh

There are so many power bank brands available with wireless charging feature. However, the Veger stands out of the crowd.  MagOn has powerful magnet to hold your phone in every condition. The MagSafe power bank is designed for iPhone series 13 and 12.

With the MagSafe, you can charge three devices simultaneously through USA A*1, USB C*1 and Wireless charging option. The power bank is designed in such a way that you can use it along with your phone case and without effecting camera lens.

The compact design and low current wireless charging gives optimal performance while using this device. The MagSafe is equipped modern safety system to protect your devices and you. It is available in a Black color and cost you below $90. You can order it directly from the VEGER’s website or their authorized dealers in your country.

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VEGER Power Inc.
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Email: global@vegerpower.com
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