WonderWorks Branson: Perfect Place to Combat Summer Slide

WonderWorks Branson keeps kids learning in a fun and interactive way all summer long

BRANSON, Missouri – (July 12, 2022) – Keeping kids learning and active throughout the summer is essential for parents, caregivers, and children alike. WonderWorks Branson helps make it easy for students to keep learning while having fun, no matter what the weather may be like outside. It will keep them entertained and provide new knowledge, so they leave having learned something new, rather than losing some of what they learned in school over the last year.

“We are so excited to go into our third summer in Branson! It’s been a pleasure getting to see all the Branson visitors and locals come through our building since we opened in 2020, and we can’t wait to meet more,” says Brenda Dent, general manager of WonderWorks Branson. “We are a perfect option for families looking to have fun and learn a little something while they’re doing it.” 

Many people are familiar with the term “summer slide,” which refers to how a child’s academic achievement tends to slip during the time off from school. The Brookings Institute reports that a child’s achievement scores tend to decline about one month’s worth of school-year learning during a summer break. This adds up yearly and can lead to some overall academic achievement gaps. 

Combating the summer slide can be as easy as keeping kids actively engaged in learning during the break. WonderWorks plays a vital role in this because kids can continue learning while having fun at the same time. They are often unaware that they are learning as they explore the upside-down, amusement park for the mind, because it combines education and entertainment, sparking the imagination in students of all ages.

Some of the things families can experience at WonderWorks Branson include:

“With all of our exhibits rooted in STEM topics and principles, WonderWorks is a great option for visitors and locals looking to stay engaged and active during the summer months,” adds Faith Scheffler, education sales manager at WonderWorks Branson. “Visitors won’t even know they’re learning while on vacation, and locals will have the chance to keep students’ learning going while out of school.” 

WonderWorks Branson offers group rates for those wanting to bring a summer camp to the park for the day. Group reservations are available for those with 15 or more people and must be made 48 hours in advance.

WonderWorks Branson is in its third summer, welcoming many locals and tourists to the upside-down house to explore and learn. With so much to see around every corner, guests can continue to return time and time again and still learn something new. WonderWorks Branson offers over 48,000 square feet of family-friendly, engaging activities. The park offers group visits, birthday parties, facility rentals, reunions, and more. The park is open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. To get more information or purchase tickets, visit the site: WonderWorks Branson (wonderworksonline.com)

About WonderWorks

WonderWorks, the upside-down adventure, is a science-focused, indoor amusement park for the mind that holds something unique and exciting for visitors of all ages. There are three floors of nonstop “edu-tainment,” with over 100 hands-on and interactive exhibits that serve the educational purpose of challenging the mind and sparking the imagination. WonderWorks has locations in Orlando, Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Syracuse, and Branson. For more information, visit WonderWorks Branson (wonderworksonline.com) and follow @WonderWorksBranson on Facebook, @WonderWorksBR on Twitter, and @WonderWorks_br on Instagram.

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