The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

With the advancement of technology, and the simultaneous, ongoing virus of Covid-19 running rampant through the steady crowds of people, there is a demand for more people to start working from home. Although the most recent Covid-19 vaccinations have allowed for the virus to take a steady decrease, there is still the concerning need for some people to work from the comfort of their own home, away from all of the madness. While this can be a daunting task for some, there are advantages to preventing oneself from going into the world of a virus that appears to have no possibility of ever going away.


One pro of working from home is the opportunity to be within the comfort of a place that you call your own. By being able to sit down on your couch, or even work from a home office, there certainly can be an advantage of working from under your own roof, and not the roof of your designated workplace, where it might be loud or crowded with co-workers. Another pro of working from home is the ability to spend more time with your family. Particularly for those families whom there might be a stay-at-home parent, there will be the opportunity for those who are working from home to not only be able to still get the job done, but they will also grow the family bond, something that can be harder to accomplish when working outside of the home.


Although working from home can be an exciting new adventure, especially since there is more access to this process, due to technology becoming more and more involved in peoples’ lives, there are certainly reasons why working from home might not be the best option. One con would be the absence of getting to work alongside your co-workers. While working independently from home sounds enticing, by not being able to work in the local office or workspace, people are losing out on building their social skills. A second con would be the correlation between work and home. While for most people, they are able to separate the two, for some, this can be a difficult task. An ideal work day would include going to work, then coming home to rest the brain before another day of work. By having to work from home, there is essentially no distinct difference, and this can cause issues in a person’s life if they are not able to have the perspective of their home as a separate entity than the workplace.

While working from home has its advantages, there are also disadvantages that must be considered. No matter how you look at it, what can be determined is that there will always be something positive and negative about this working option. However, people have the ability to think of something in a way that best fits themselves. So, whether you believe that working from home is a positive or a negative thing, it is an option that we are most likely going to see for a long time.

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