You Want Your Marketing Team to Be Full of Passion and Enthusiasm


Bayley Ramos, founder and CEO of Ardor Consulting was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia but relocated to start a marketing business in South Florida in 2006. She has more than 15 years of marketing experience and has assisted hundreds of companies in growing their business through smart advertising. She has consulted with International Projects in Europe and South America outside the United States. 

“I am passionate about helping others and finding solutions to business marketing obstacles,” says Ramos. “I thrive on listening to my client’s needs, understanding their struggles, and creating a unique plan to achieve great results. My personal approach has resulted in building lasting relationships with clients that create a working bond for years to come.”

Ardor Consulting is passionate about marketing

Ramos chose the name Ardor Consulting for a reason. “The definition of Ardor is enthusiasm and passion,” she explains. “At Ardor Consulting, we are not only passionate about our company, but we are passionate about yours. The success of your business is our priority. We feel it is an honor to help our clients.”

Clients describe collaborating with Ardor as a completely customized process. The company begins by learning everything it can about the client’s product or service in order to present the full picture to that client’s target customers. 

“This process is unique for every business, which is why we do not believe one size fits all,” Ramos says. “Your business’s needs and budget are important to us, so we take the time to understand what you want to achieve. After we learn more about your challenges and goals, we customize a proposal with several options to fit your budget. Most importantly, we understand your challenges as you start and scale your small business.”

Long-term relationships matter 

Ardor Consulting is focused on building lasting relationships. Almost all of the company’s business has been built on word of mouth, and it is still working with its very first client, brought on in December of 2009.

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“Reputation is critical in business,” remarks Ramos. “This is the reason we focus on building lasting relationships. We want to help clients in any way we can and be a long-term resource. So many professionals focus on the short term or simply try to close a sale. I believe it’s important to see the big picture. We are a community. Even if someone is not our client, we will try to reach out and help them. Our main focus is helping others. We want to provide solutions to problems and be available when we are needed. Even if a client cannot hire us, we still advise them how to efficiently handle their marketing until they grow to a point where they can hire help.”

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