Zachary Bernard Shares 3 Strategies for Building Authority Online


To be recognized as an industry authority, it’s important to optimize your online presence, get third parties to validate your authority, and post educational material regularly.

Nowadays, anyone can establish themselves as an authority online by sharing the right content and information with their target audience.

The hard part is being consistent in your efforts to become an authority online, being consistent in posting content, providing value to your audience, and always putting yourself in front of them to be remembered as THE person to go to for anything related to their industry. When you’ve secured that status, your business will be able to see exponential growth with fewer outbound efforts and benefit from a consistent inbound lead flow.

Here’s how you can position yourself online as an industry expert

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About Zachary Bernard

Zachary Bernard is a Canadian entrepreneur and digital marketer. He’s also the founder and CEO of We Feature You, a Public Relations firm that serves the Real Estate space and other various industries. He empowers his company, other entrepreneurs, and major companies by equipping them with the strategy necessary to reach hundreds of thousands

Zachary’s company, We Feature You, works with individuals in the real estate industry, helping them differentiate themselves from their local and national competitors.

 For more information, visit their website at

 Zachary can be reached for comment on Instagram at @itszachb_

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