Zahidul Islam a.k.a. “RJ TRICKSHOT,” Professional Pool Player Performs

RJ TRICKSHOT, also known as Zahidul Islam, was born in Bangladesh on July 20, 2001, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. 

Zahidul Islam has won numerous championships and trickshot contests. RJ claims that he became a hustler and began playing billiards at the age of 13. He claims that his life had become a battle. 

“I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer,” Zahidul explained. ” I’d been battling my whole life and had a lot more questions. Zahidul Islam claims he was trapped as a youngster in what he characterizes as a billiards game element that dips you deep into such a difficult life. “At the time, I was a gambler,” Zahidul explained. “I like the gambling aspect of it all, and by the age of 15, I was the top player in the neighborhood. I used to hitch hike to nearby towns.” 

Zahidul debuted in bigger tournaments when he was 17 years old. He has attained his success after a few years of hard labor. In addition, Zahidul revealed that he spends 20 to 25 hours each week playing pool. On the other hand, trick shots are “very much a favorite activity” for him. 

“I had no idea how many social media followers I’d earn.” “I just continued uploading trick photos that I enjoyed performing,” he said. He’ll be the first to acknowledge that he’s not the world’s best pool trick-shot player. To prove his thesis, he references the numerous great athletes who already have posted on modern, relatively short social platforms. 

Although the trick shots seem simple to the naked eye, they need significant practice and prep to execute successfully. Even the least bit of chalk on a cue stick, according to Zahidul, can affect the tilting of the cue ball and how it will try to hit others in its route. 

Pool has been a popular sport in Northern Europe since the 15th century. Billiards was the game’s first name, and it is still used by pros today. Today, RJ Trickshot is focused on becoming the best pool player in the world and has attempted to be a competent mentor to those who are inspired by him. RJ has always achieved his objectives since he was a child. His effort, desire, and approach to becoming a full-time pool player have helped him to emerge as a great player, setting an example for future generations.

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