In A Flashhh Marketing LLC is establishing Wikitia Pages

In A Flashhh Marketing LLC

Since 2019, In A Flashhh Marketing LLC has helped hundreds of clients elevate their brands in the media. The company has tailored SEO plans to help businesses rank on Google and grow their website traffic, developed plans for effective public relations projects to increase exposure for upcoming creatives, and even created keyword-targeted press releases for businesses announcing an event or product. Furthermore, people have partnered with In A Flashhh Marketing LLC to help them get published in major magazines and news publications such as USA Today, New York Times, New York Post, and many other news outlets. In A Flashhh Marketing LLC has recently focused on increasing a company’s or an individual’s notability.

When people use Google to learn more about a company, they expect to see content demonstrating that the organization is legitimate. A professional business profile could mean the difference between hundreds of customers and none at all. Investors might prefer to put their money into businesses that receive media attention and have a solid online reputation on resources like CrunchBase, TrustPilot, and Wikitia.

Why should businesses create a Wikitia Page?

Wikitia, like Wikipedia, is a verified encyclopedia database for businesses and individuals that was created to transcend Wikipedia’s errors, which allowed editors and administrators to make decisions on articles even if the article was outside of their expertise. For example, if someone submits an article about a musician, an editor at Wikipedia who has no interest in music and knows nothing about the music industry can decide whether the article’s subject is noteworthy enough. This was an issue that the Wikitia creators wanted to address, so they built a platform that is run by verified editors who take great care to meet the needs of anyone who needs to create a page.

In A Flashhh Marketing LLC partnered with Wikitia’s verified editors to help clients create a high-quality page for their company or brand. With a Wikitia page, people can increase their notoriety to make it easier to be verified on well-known platforms and gain authority on Google search engines. A Wikitia page appears on the first page of Google and may also assist individuals in establishing their Google Knowledge Graph.

Please click here to see an example of a Wikitia Page.

The Rise of In A Flashhh Marketing LLC

In A Flashhh Marketing LLC began as a small business focusing on upcoming musicians or Indie artists. The company quickly expanded its services to meet the needs of all business types and creatives worldwide. Several startups, small businesses, musicians, fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, health professionals, NFT creators, and other entrepreneurs have worked with the company.

On its website, new and returning clients can access hundreds of mainstream news sites such as Yahoo News and The Associated Press, as well as Google News magazine placements, radio promotion, and music promotion, business card design and shipment, music engineering, audiobook and voiceover production, and much more. Those looking for brand development can get not only a Wikitia page but also WikiAlpha, EverybodyWiki, and Wikipedia pages for high-profile clients. Actors and other creators can also get their own IMDb page. The website has a special section for Indian companies looking for coverage in top media outlets in the Indian market.

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