October Is Here: Does This Mean Cooler Weather for Florida?

Now that we have found ourselves in the middle of October, it is time to start discussing the possibilities of colder weather here in Florida. While the weather can vary based on what part of Florida you live in, one thing that the entire state can anticipate is the weather slowly decreasing to a more comfortable and likeable temperature, something that us Floridians have been waiting all year for! Let’s take a look at the different parts of Florida, and find out just how cool of a temperature we can expect during the Halloween month.

What can be determined based on these statistics for October is that no matter what part of the state of Florida you are in, the weather will typically be no hotter than 85, and no cooler than the 60’s, making it the perfect weather to still visit the local theme parks, or wear a light coat or jacket, especially during the evening. This can certainly provide Florida with several perks, as those who might want to find themselves away from states with four seasons can travel down south, and visit a state that has no snow, but consistent and warm temperatures throughout the year.

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