The Hidden Entertainment Gems of New York


Check out NYC’s Up and Coming “Underground” Entertainment Scene

People from all over the world come to New York City to see the best entertainment offers. Lincoln Center, Broadway, Off-Broadway, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and so many more. But did you know there are hidden gems of entertainment that many people still don’t know about that are perfect for locals and tourists alike? 

While many visit the Big Apple to get a taste of New York City’s top sights and monuments, most tourists are missing out on the true excitement because secret treasures take a little digging to find in the city. With endless mystery and surprises waiting to be discovered, there are many forms of entertainment in the city that never sleeps that will have you oohing and awing with enjoyment. 

As a longtime New Yorker and the founder of the web channel NY2C, I wanted to create a hub for those looking to learn more about New York City tourist attractions, nightlife, and all that New York has to offer besides the standard cookie-cutter responses. New York is a melting pot of culture, food, and those with different upbringings, beliefs, and forms of amusement all in one place. So along with tourists, our platform provides a resource to those who call New York home and are looking to find new cool spots for out-of-this-world entertainment. That’s one of the main reasons I partnered with the local downtown underground bar, Sour Mouse, located right on 110 Delaney Street, a site most known to be up-and-coming for entertainment. Sour Mouse operating partner and owner Aaron Ho has set the mood to transport you back to a time when love, music, art, and community were freely expressed, making this a unique venue to enjoy up-and-coming entertainment.

There are two reasons it’s important for me to support New York’s entertainment industry and create a home for this “underground entertainment.” First, this NYC arts and entertainment sector gets little opportunity from anyone else, and they need a voice, especially after what we went through as a city during the pandemic. Underground entertainment is a new and developing industry with a diversity of talented performers and entertainers who otherwise would not have a place to showcase their skills. I needed to provide the opportunity to give them a voice, and I did this with my two main guys, James Dukas, Head of Production and Creative, and Benedict Manlapz, Director of Cinematography. James and Ben also host a weekly NY2C show called “What’s Up New York,” further promoting the eccentric culture and entertainment of the city. 

Some so many people have creative abilities but have yet to be heard. And then, to top it off, the world loves New York City entertainment. It brings many people to New York, and it’s the essence of what makes this city, bringing in funds and jobs for the city. 

So how’s all of Manhattan’s entertainment doing in this post-covid phase? The pandemic left New Yorkers emotionally and financially traumatized. The city is still in recovery mode, with a multitude of needs as it grows back into the industry it once was. Audiences remain below pre-pandemic levels, but we see crowds growing with each new show’s attendance.  

My team and I are further showcasing the city’s hidden talents through our video platform, which features people, places, and happenings in New York City, including hidden gems and secret spots you won’t find on mainstream tourist websites. 

Our mission is to keep the arts going and afloat as we continue to work our way out of the devastation caused by the pandemic. You, too, can join us and discover uncharted territory. Maybe you’d like to experience some of New York City’s best food at these off-the-beaten-path local spots or visit the top-quality events happening at Sour Mouse in partnership with NY2C; best of all, you can watch them all via live stream on the NY2C Facebook page and our YouTube Channel if you are anywhere else in the world to still be a part of the action. 

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About the Author

Frank Lieberman is the founder of NY2C, an online library consisting of NYC trivia, vignettes of NYC, a two-year weekly show titled “What’s Up New York,” sports content, and soon-to-be fashion content. In addition, NY2C has a state-of-the-art studio on the lower east side to stream the latest and upcoming live “underground” entertainment that is taking New York City by storm. The content will feature live shows of undiscovered rock bands, smooth jazz bands, singers, drag magic shows, children’s magic shows, poetry slams, art battles, and DJ battles, just to name a few, and all for free! NY2C is the first of a global city streaming network; others to soon follow will be Washington, D.C., and London.  

By Frank Lieberman 

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